Dry-Cargo Freight

Dry-cargo freight trading is about customer focus, competitive pricing and about having your eyes on the ball at all times.

The distressed freight and commodity markets of today require special attention to timing and skilled staff. XO Shipping is an independent, experienced and highly motivated carrier that provides flexible freight solutions to traders and industrial customers at market levels.

At XO Shipping we are opportunistic, agile and attentive with a dedicated focus on the spot market. Our main priority is adding value through our responsiveness, our reliability, our market information and by offering 1st class service to our clients.

We pay close attention to preserving our good reputation in the market and we strive to repeat business through our long-lasting customer relationships.

Geographical focus
Our geographical focus enables us to make quick decisions on the back of our information and knowledge about the market. We understand the dynamics of the commodity trade and strive to fulfil our customers’ needs by providing quick feedback on commercial and operational matters.


Customized solutions from spot cargoes to contracts of affreightment
At XO Shipping we transport all types of drycargo from cement and petcoke to soybeans and bagged rice. Our contracts are tailored together with the customer to fit any need for flexibility and options during the contract period. With our close attention to customer retention, we endeavour to grant further flexibility outside the agreed CP thus strengthening long-term relationships.


Freight Matrices
It is vital for shippers, traders and receivers to keep track of the daily changes in the freight market. XO Shipping believes in a proactive approach to our customers where we estimate freight ideas on typical freight routes. Please contact us for further information about weekly freight matrices.